A Prayer for Pakistani Flood Victims

A third of Pakistan has been completely flooded, killing at least 1,136 people.

Since June, Monsoon rains have caused flash floods which have devastated communities washing away roads, homes, and crops. This deadly trail of havoc which has affected 33 million people, many of whom are now displaced. Revd Memona Shahbaz, our United Reformed Church (URC) Minister from Pakistan, offers this prayer:

Our loving, merciful and compassionate Father,
we acknowledge that you are creator of this universe, and everything is in your control.

“You are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 42:1

At this time of trouble in Pakistan, we pray for all Pakistani people who are victims of the devastating flood.  Especially we pray for,

  • those who have lost their loved ones, livelihood, livestock and homes.
  • Pakistani government, local charities, churches, and individuals who are trying to help all
  • All countries who are standing in solidarity and helping Pakistan at this challenging time.

Help everyone and send your peace and comfort in this chaotic situation.
We ask this in Jesus’ precious name.

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