Shine Like A Star For Jesus!

Halloween 2023: Jesus lights the way through the good times and dark! For the second year running, the weather was not in our favour but a wet, dark and windy Halloween evening was illuminated by Emmanuel’s resplendent Light Party! And, for the first time it was held in our new church building on Upperton Road. A Hollywood themed red carpet welcome was laid on for our guests.

Sarah Skelton led a group of church volunteers in setting up a variety of arts and crafts and games, a treasure hunt, photo booth and light show. The first floor was packed with children taking part and most were wearing fabulous Halloween costumes, masks or make-up.

An advantage of being in the new building was the extra space and being able to serve cakes, hot dogs and hot chocolate to the local community indoors where it was warm and dry. We didn’t quite feed the five thousand but we did provide for plenty of visitors and there were enough goodies for everyone.
It was great seeing new faces and our regulars all having fun together in an easy-going and comfortable setting.

At the end of the evening Rev. Paul Tabraham gathered the volunteers together, said a prayer of thanks and blessed the new church.

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