One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Greenfield Methodist Church was founded in 1898 and has been home to worshippers for 125 years. In January 2018, the people of Greenfield Methodist joined with three other Eastbourne churches – Upperton URC, St Andrews URC & Central Methodist to form Emmanuel Church. Together, they shared one vision – to develop a new church building and community centre to house all four congregations for many years to come.

In August 2023, this vision become reality – the church building on Greenfield Road closed it\’s doors and the new building in Upperton Road, opened their doors to the Old Town community.

Prior to closing Greenfield doors, the church held an afternoon tea and thanksgiving service at which some amazing testimonies were heard on how it\’s presence had made a huge impact on so many lives over all these years. See below some photos of the old Greenfield building in its final days and listen to the stories people gave.

From Sunday 03rd September 2023, Emmanuel Church will continue to worship and serve the people of Old Town at their new building in Upperton Road, where you will always find a very warm welcome!

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