Eastbourne Foodbank Offerings

UPDATE:  Our final Foodbank collection from outside the church is
Monday 31st May 2021

The closure of our church building due to the Coronavirus has prevented us from gathering our offerings of food together as a church to support the Eastbourne Foodbank. During these times, they have been stretched more than usual due to more people using its services, many of them being temporarily unemployed.

As a result, Beryl Hinkley, an Emmanuel member, recently took on the task of spending a couple of hours, outside the church each week, to gather donations. She would like to give thanks to all those who have given their support. After the first morning, Beryl said she was astonished at the generosity people have shown, she also went on to say:

The first person to put something into our trolley was a complete stranger, and other people in the neighbourhood followed suit. It was great to see people from Emmanuel bringing bags of food, and staying for a chat, observing the 2 metres distancing rule of course! The time just flew by and by 12.00 noon I had enough to fill two trolleys.
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