Daily Devotion 29 July 2020

Create a peaceful space to pause, and allow yourself to feel God’s presence alongside you, as near to you as your own breath. In following the reflection below, as a church we will draw closer to God and to one another as we grow in faith and deepen our sense of belonging to God.

Psalm 119 :105 ‘The Word of the Lord’

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

I have known this particular verse from childhood as it was the ‘motto’ of Scripture Union whose Bible reading notes for children I used. In those days it was more like belonging to a club and I still have the little badge with a lamp inscribed on a green background. Does anyone else still have their badge?

The verse is one of 176 verses in this the longest of the Psalms which is in effect a peon of praise to the Word of God. Throughout the Psalm a variety of words are used for God’s Word which can be seen as different ways of describing his Word. These include Word or Promise – words which God himself has spoken; Laws and Statutes which set out right and wrong: Decrees which reflect the enduring nature of God’s Word; Laws and Teachings which set out God’s loving instructions; Commands and Precepts – being practical applications for living. All good descriptions of God’s Word which shed light on God’s nature and how he wants his children to live. But we are human and how can we live up to such high standards? And what happens if we fail?

The Psalmist can’t help us because there was one more description of God’s Word which had not then been revealed to him. He did not know that the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Jesus – the Word who was with God in the beginning and without whom nothing was made. Jesus, the light of the world, the Saviour of the world, through whom all our shortcomings in not keeping God’s Word are forgiven. All the Psalmist’s descriptions of God’s Word can be seen in Jesus, his life and his teachings. Jesus is the lamp for our feet – guiding us step by step like a torch in the dark but also the brighter light which illumines our path through life.

This we can experience as day by day we read the Daily Devotions, each of which begin with a quotation from God’s written Word followed by a special message to help us in our daily walk with God. The old hymn by Henry William Baker (1821–1877) says it all:

Lord, thy word abideth, and our footsteps guideth;
Who its truth believeth light and joy receiveth.


Lord, we thank you for your written Word, the Bible.
As we read it, help us hear you speaking to us, guiding us in the way you want us to travel.
We thank you for your living Word, Jesus, your Son, our Saviour who is there with you interceding for us and his name we pray. Amen

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